Selected Clips

This family created a gerrymandering board game. Arnold Schwarzenegger was pumped. (Washington Post Magazine, May 2019)

Campaigns featured some great design in 2018. But nothing as successful as Trump’s MAGA hat. (Washington Post Magazine, December 2018)

This court artist has drawn everyone from Manafort to RBG. Will his craft survive? (Washington Post Magazine, October 2018)

This D.C. monument is ‘virtually impossible’ to reach. Here’s how I found it — past the hornets, snakes and swampland. (Washington Post, October 2018)

Telecom Lobbyists Have Stalled 70 State-Level Bills That Would Protect Consumer Privacy (Motherboard, August 2018)

They created maybe the best board game ever. Now, Putin is making it relevant again. (Published as “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” Washington Post Magazine, July 2018)

They created the Uber of flower delivery. Then disaster struck. Could they find redemption? (Published as “Petal to the Metal,” Washington Post Magazine, April 2018)

Virtual Reality Will Keep Your Board Game Crew Together (Motherboard, March 2018)

Why the U.S. needs more cyber translators (The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, March 2018)

Can big data predict which bills will pass Congress? (Published as “Congressional Moneyball,” Washington Post Magazine, February 2018)

Cooking quieted her mind and helped Rachael Harris find peace after military service (The War Horse, July 2017)

The Residents in DC’s Nerdiest Group House Want to Shake Up Washington’s Oldest Trade (Washingtonian, October 2016)

This Guy Wants to Become the Steve Jobs of Weed (Washingtonian, August 2016)

All the President’s Men: An Oral History (Published as “Washington’s Spotlight,” Washingtonian, April 2016)

The Infuriating History of How Metro Got So Bad (Washingtonian, December 2015)

If You’re Lying About Being a Navy SEAL, This Man Will Catch You (Published as “Don Shipley’s Special Ops,” Washingtonian, August 2015)

The Town Without Wi-Fi (Washingtonian, January 2015)

The Suit Who Spooked the EPA (Washingtonian, March 2014)

My Landlord was a Russian Spy (Washingtonian, August 2010)